Our channel

The international television channel 'Inter+' appeared in the air on January 13th, 2003. It is the international license-cleared version of Inter - the leading Ukrainian TV channel and the flagship of the namesake media group. 'Inter+' shows the in-house authors' programmes, documentaries, entertaining shows and cinema of Inter, NTN, K1 TV channels as well as its own musical projects and broadcast of sport events.

Among the main missions and goals for this channel are introducing the Ukraine in global television space, creating of the positive image of the country abroad, presentation of world and Ukrainian events from the viewpoint of modern Ukrainians. 'Inter+' is a family-focused channel with some kind of nostalgic mood.

Our audience is millions of people abroad. They are the ethnic Ukrainians, citizens of the Ukraine working abroad, former Ukrainian and CIS citizens and anyone wishing to find out more about the modern, independent Ukraine. The atmosphere of our channel is about enlightened patriotism, European orientation, and cultural originality.

In June 2003 Inter+ TV Channel received the license issued by the National Board for Television and Radio for twenty-four-hour transmission for the term of seven years.

The high quality digital format satellite signal of Inter+ covers the European countries, the European part of Russian Federation, Northern Africa, Caucasus and Middle East. Inter+ is also through the cable and cellular television networks in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, the USA, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.