A documentary project "Baptism" on "Inter+"

A documentary project "Baptism" on "Inter+"

22 July 2013 | 09:49

"Inter+" channel will show a documentary project "Baptism", dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia on Saturday, July 27, at 10:40.

A presenter is Sergey Dorofeev, a screenplay is by Yuri Molchanov and a director is Alex Lyabah.

This year it is a 1025th anniversary of the day when Prince Vladimir baptized Rus. A documentary will tell you about spiritual, historical and cultural consequences this event had on all of us. What civilizational changes have occurred in the world due to the Baptism of Russia? How it is reflected in the modern world? What is its significance for the life of a person? The film "Baptism" will try to give answers to all those questions. Priests and historians will also share their authoritative opinion.

In addition, the filmmakers have tried to reconstruct the events of those years - you will see in the film how Prince Vladimir and people were christened. Sergei Dorofeyev will visit the places where important events related to the Baptism of Russia took place.

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