Your weekends with "Inter+"!

Your weekends with "Inter+"!

9 August 2013 | 20:18

Saturday will begin with a "Summer kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev". The stars will visit him as usual to conduct a variety of experiments. At 12:30 you can watch two feature films: a criminal drama "Complaint" about a talented surgeon and a comedy "Attention, witches!" about a policeman, who will investigate the ability of witches.

At 15:00 there will be "A great concert on "Inter". Laima Vaikule, Boris Moiseyev, Anzhelika Varum and Leonid Agutin, Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskya will sing for you. Two documentaries  "The devotees of revenge" and "Escape. Real stories" are waiting for you at 16:50. You can spend Saturday evening with two feature films: at 20:30 a detective "Souvenir for the prosecutor", which the prosecutor Izmailov will fight the mafia in, after that at 22:00 there will be a drama story "The smell of life" about a brutal story of a love triangle.

On Sunday night at 18:55 you can watch a detective film "A scandalous incident in Brikmille" about unusual changes in the life of the local bank manager. The second part of the film will be at 20:30 right after the "Podrobnosti" news. At 21:35 there will be a concert "Liubasha's Benefit". A documentary project "Ukraine. Forgotten Story," which tells about the dramatic events of the past of our country and discovers unknown facts about famous Ukrainians will finish a Sunday night.

Enjoy your weekends with "Inter+".

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