"Concerns everyone". TV project that changes the life

"Concerns everyone". TV project that changes the life

23 August 2013 | 18:59

"Position of Inter as the "first button" is to create socially significant projects, - said Hanna Bezlyudna, Head of Inter Media Group, - That's why we start the new project. It's an extremely frank conversation about what people's destinies are connected with, about situations that show people's attitude towards each other. Television, among others, has a quite serious uniting function. The effect of participation in some event, that television gives, can not be compared with anything. This project will raise the questions that evoke people's natural human reaction, do not leave indifferent. I'm convinced, it will help to change something in the world we live today. "Concerns everyone" - is the project that changes the life".

Frank and honest discussion of the host Sergey Dorofeev with participants of events and experts will force to pay attention to situations which became the result of human indifference or implication.

Stories are told in studio about everyone of us, about our actions and inaction, about our reaction on what is happening around. It is a lesson of personal responsibility, active civil position and being not indifferent to themselves and others.

"There will be some stories in the show united by the common theme and idea. The talk-show will become a big discussion platform, here is no place for pretense and performances, designed to evoking emotions and keeping the viewer artificially, - the host Sergey Dorofeev said. - We're talking frankly, while others prefer to remain silent. We're not going to teach, criticize or impose anything. The viewer will see how much depends on each person, on his life position".

Show is broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 18:00.


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