Renewed "Podrobnosti Nedeli" with Yevgeny Kiselyov is back on air

Renewed "Podrobnosti Nedeli" with Yevgeny Kiselyov is back on air

28 August 2013 | 12:28

On Sunday, Septemper 1, at 20:00 Inter+ TV show  "Podrobnosti Nedeli" with Yevgeny Kiselyov is back on air in the new format. Every Sunday Ukrainian viewers will be informed about major events which happened in Ukraine and worldwide, as well as events, not covered by daily news.

Reports from all over the world, exclusive stories and comments, historical and topical investigations - in each episode. "Podrobnosti Nedeli" with Yevgeny Kiselyov is not just an informational and analytical program, it is, first of all, original program - with a personal view of journalist, who is telling about what happens in the country and abroad for a quarter of a century, with own version of key events of week.

"Main newsmakers of the week will be invited in a studio of "Podrobnosti Nedeli", - said Yevgeny Kiselyov, author and host of the program, Head of NIS. - News will be told and discussed by politics and other Ukrainian and foreign VIPs".


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And to think I was going to talk to sonemoe in person about this.

Mohamed 11.11.2013, 10:46 answer

Я всегда с удовольствием смотрела новости на ИНТЕРе. И воскресные особенно. Но когда начались новости с КИСЕЛЕВЫМ - это стала ужасная тягомотина! Весь вечер - испорчен. 1,5 часа слушать его личное мнение и взгляды на мировые войны в воскресенье !!- когда хочется быстрее посмотреть хороший русский фильм. Пусть он свое мнение высказывает после 24х часов хоть всю ночь.. А итоговые новости недели возьмите пример с 1+1 или ICTV. Коротко, сжато, конкретно, бодро. И усы никто не жует...

Валентина, 60 лет 29.09.2013, 21:03 answer