Shakhtar vs Dynamo starts a new football season in Ukraine by a match for Inter Super Cup

14 July 2014 | 14:19

A new football season in Ukraine starts on July 22 at Lviv Arena stadium by the game for Inter Super Cup! Two the most titled domestic teams Shakhtar Donetsk (Champion of Ukraine season 2013/2014) and Dynamo Kyiv (winner of Ukrainian Cup season 2013/2014), each gained the Super Cup five times, will play for the trophy this time in Lviv.

The match is set by the Union of Professional Football Clubs of Ukraine Premier League. It has become a good tradition already that Inter TV channel is a title sponsor and official broadcaster of the Super Cup.

The game starts on Tuesday, July 22 at 21 p.m

Super Cup matches are held in Ukraine since 2004. In 2008 Inter TV channel has become a title sponsor and official broadcaster of the match. Since then the match has an official name Inter Super Cup of Ukraine.

Vitaly Danilov, President of the Premier League:

- Due the difficulties, which our country has faced nowadays, we know that football fans, despite the rivalry, can forget about their feud and unite for a good purpose. This way football demonstrates its peacekeeping role. This year the Super Cup will be played again in Ukraine between Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv. And in current situation it is hard to imagine a better place to held the match than Lviv. Thanks to football East, Center and West are together. Also, Inter TV channel is side by side with us. It is our reliable friend and partner. Congratulations to all with the start of a new football season and invite everybody to Lviv to watch the game.

Yegor Benkendorf, Chairman of the Board of Inter TV channel:

- One of the components of Inter's social mission is to support all scale sports events in Ukraine. In this hard time for our country football is a force that unites Ukrainians. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to become a title sponsor of the Ukrainian Super Cup for the seventh year in a row. Inter Super Cup of Ukraine is traditionally held under the auspices of the Union of Professional Football Clubs of Ukraine Premier League and Inter TV channel. A Match for Inter Super Cup always has good viewership figures. Besides, thanks to the Inter+ TV channel the live broadcast of the match will be available to the viewers not only in Ukraine, but also in more than thirty countries in different continents.

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