Head of Inter Media Group Anna Bezlyudna in a TOP ten of most influential women of Ukraine

Head of Inter Media Group Anna Bezlyudna in a TOP ten of most influential women of Ukraine

14 November 2014 | 21:05

Head of Inter Media Group, Head of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine of the media industry Anna Bezlyudna was included in top ten of the most influential women in Ukraine, the list being compiled by Focus magazine. It is the eighth year that Anna Bezlyudna is in the list of such kind.

When asked about the main event of the last year, the head of Inter Media Group said: 'The same as for all who live in Ukraine: life in our country has changed dramatically'.

'Any active member of the media market influences the market. Of course personality plays a great role, especially in television. TV demands you to give a part of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. Each brings something different. We should not overestimate anyone of us, with or without us TV will still exist and evolve. Its role in the modern world is growing every day'.

'In the current situation of disunity and conflict it is extremely important that TV shows go beyond television and become more social and public. They should promote understanding of people', - said the head of the Inter Media Group.

Among the major achievements in the TV field Anna Bezlyudna emphasized reopening of documentaries' production on Inter. 'Shortly speaking, contribution of my team it's that Inter again produces documentaries on important for the whole society topics. I consider Inter's shows, which literally change people's lives for the better, are worthy of viewers' attention', - answered Anna Bezlyudna to Focus magazine.

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