The World of Shevchenko, Created by Inter TV Channel, Has Replenished With New Monuments

The World of Shevchenko, Created by Inter TV Channel, Has Replenished With New Monuments

9 March 2015 | 20:32

A year ago, on the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko, Inter TV Channel has created the world's first interactive map of facilities dedicated to the great Ukrainian poet. Today 1064 monuments of Kobzar are marked on the map, as well as towns, villages, streets, museums, schools, theaters named in his honor. These facilities are located in 32 countries on different continents.

To see The World of Shevchenko follow a link

Over the past year The World of Shevchenko has replenished with four sites. Busts of Taras Shevchenko were placed in Globino of Poltava region and Frunzovka of Odessa region. Monuments to the poet also been established in Izum of Kharkiv region and city of Rossosh in Voronezh region of Russia.

The World of Shevchenko is a unique project. An interactive map allows users to see the memorials by means of land overview service. Among the most notable places of memory are a monument in the capital of Australia, graffiti with a portrait of the poet in Kharkov and a monument in Washington. The most distant from Kyiv sites, dedicated to the poet, are a monument in Beijing (distance from Kiev 6456 km), Shevchenko Street in Khabarovsk (6900 km), monuments to the poet in Washington (7847 km), Buenos Aires (12,826 km ) and Canberra (14,913 km).

'According to geographical location of Taras Shevchenko monuments outside Ukraine, is obvious where Ukrainian immigrants live, and thus preserve national and cultural identity, the memory of their country. For many of us the poetry of Taras Shevchenko is a symbol of national unity no matter where Ukrainians live and language they speak', say the developers of the project.

Inter TV channel is grateful to the Director of the State Enterprise 'Cartography' Rostislav Sausse for the assistance in the project.

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