Euronews and Inter Media Group Will Work Together On Strengthening Relationship Between Ukraine and Euronews

Euronews and Inter Media Group Will Work Together On Strengthening Relationship Between Ukraine and Euronews

13 March 2015 | 13:38

Lyon, France, March 13, 2015. The number one international news channel in Europe Euronews and Inter Media Group agreed on cooperation in development and strengthening of the Ukrainian version of Euronews.

The agreement, which involves extensive collaboration, including media facilities and content exchange, has been approved by the Supervisory Board of Euronews in Paris and formally signed in early March. Thus, Inter Media Group has become a strategic exclusive partner of Euronews in Ukraine.

The agreement stipulates that the Ukrainian team of Euronews in Lyon and Kyiv creates content for the Ukrainian Euronews, which will be constantly broadcast around the world, as well as for Ukraine focused version intended for the Ukrainian audience.

Domestic Plan of Euronews Development in Ukraine includes extra jobs for journalists and other specialists in Kyiv. Euronews and Inter Media Group immediately embark on step by step implementation of the partnership.

'For us, cooperation with Euronews is very promising, especially in light of the current situation. It is extremely important to take concrete steps that will help to provide our countrymen with a real picture of European lifestyle, as well as with timely and understandable information from Europe', said Anna Bezlyudna, a Head of Inter Media Group.

'We are very pleased to work with a leading media group in Ukraine. It has a double advantage, since the result will be the strengthening of Euronews broadcasting in Ukraine and Ukraine propagation around the world', noticed Michael Peters, a Directors Board Chairman of Euronews.

In fact, this collaboration will keep Ukrainian voice along with other international voices in Euronews newsroom. The co-existence of so many different points of view is a unique force of Euronews.

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Absolutely first rate and co-ptrpboteomed, gentlemen!

Patman 26.09.2015, 04:37 answer

I'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it exrlemety easy for me!

Amien 26.09.2015, 04:21 answer