Inter's Premiere on Cosmonautics Day 'Sky. Plane. Dream'

Inter's Premiere on Cosmonautics Day 'Sky. Plane. Dream'

2 April 2015 | 17:21

On April 11, at 10 a.m., Inter TV channel will premiere a documentary of its own production. A film is called 'Sky. Plane. Dream' and is dedicated to Cosmonautics Day. It tells the forgotten achievements of Ukrainian aerospace industry, great Ukrainians in space field and once again reminds that Ukraine can be proud of in this area.

Lots of great aerospace projects were fulfilled thanks to a dream and hard work of Ukraininan designers. For instance, the Soviet model of the spacecraft, the shuttle Buran was constructed by the Kievan Gleb Lozino-Lozinsky. Ukrainian enterprises were involved in the development of a unique complex called Buran-Energia. The world's largest and most powerful transport aircraft, which allowed to transport even space ships Buran and which is included in the Guinness Book of Records, was created by Kyiv Design Bureau named after Antonov and is called Mriya (The Dream).

'The dream is an infinity of human thought and desire, what drives us forward and will never go away as long as humanity lives on the planet. And if the plane was born in this land, let it carries on board a word of its language - 'Mriya' (The Dream)', a General Designer of Antonov ASTC, the Hero of Ukraine Petro Balabuev once said.

The documentary 'Sky. Plane. Dream' contains a unique archival video of Antonov ASTC that has never been previously demonstrated. It also includes a lot of exclusive interview with cosmonaut Leonid Kadeniuk, test pilot Alexander Galunenko, designers, creators of such aircrafts as 'Ruslan' and 'Mriya'.

Produced by '07 Production'
Written by Mikhail Kolesnikov
Directed by Alexey Lyabah

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