A Photo Panel 'Our Regiment' - a Collective Portrait of the War Heroes

A Photo Panel 'Our Regiment' - a Collective Portrait of the War Heroes

8 June 2015 | 12:41

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory over the Nazi invaders, on May 9 Inter TV channel established in Kiev's Park of Eternal Glory a photo panel under the name 'Our Regiment'. In this way we'd like to express our respect and gratitude to those who in the bloody World War II stood up to defend our homeland.

The photo panel was made of pictures of veterans and soldiers that for many years are being kept in family albums as precious relics. Descendants of the participants of that war sent these pictures on polk.inter.ua. And from now on these old photos may be seen in Kiev's Park of Eternal Glory.

Within two years Inter has been collecting black-and-white photos and unique stories of veterans, somebody's fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers. In whole we have more than 10 thousand stories on polk.inter.ua. These are human history, families history, history of the country. A whole era.

Many of those who looks at us with these black-and-white pictures have not returned from the front. But on these photos they are alive. And we thank them for the great victory that they conquered for us future generations.

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