Yegor Benkendorf Has Supported Charity Initiative "Patronage chair"

Yegor Benkendorf Has Supported Charity Initiative "Patronage chair"

22 October 2015 | 14:51

On 18 October 2015 thanks to caring Kievans one of the oldest capital's cinema theatres "Zhovten" ("October") has reopened after it had been savagely burnt last fall. To restore the building the Charity Foundation "Vidnovymo razom!" has started a project called "Patronage chair". Any film fan or viewer can write his name into the history of the famous theater. Names of the donators are written on the chairs in the cinema hall.

Chairman of the Board of Inter TV Channel Yegor Benkendorf has supported the initiative and personally invited everyone to follow his example. Thus, the dearest Yegor's people, who unfortunately are no longer with us, took their places in the new cinema hall of "Zhovten". Legendary people have permanently settled in the first row:

  • famous film director, screenwriter Andrey Benkendorf;
  • documentary filmmaker, director of information programs Anna Benkendorf;
  • Yegor Benkendorf's godfather, beloved by millions of viewers actor Nikolai Grinko;
  • friend and mentor, with whom Yegor Benkendorf was working for a long time, TV presenter, the legend of Ukrainian TV Tamara Shcherbatyuk;
  • man, who was greatly respected by Andrey Benkendorf, cameraman, director and screenwriter Yuri Ilienko.

Yegor Benkendorf said that Ukraine has a lot of talented people who were unjustly forgotten. That is why he willingly supports the charity initiative. It will help not only the theater, which will soon celebrate the 85th anniversary, but also to perpetuate the memory of those who have done so much for the development of Ukrainian cinema and television.

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That's a smart way of thknniig about it.

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