Inter TV Channel Published a Book-Album 'People of Victory'

Inter TV Channel Published a Book-Album 'People of Victory'

30 October 2015 | 12:58

On October 28, the day of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders, Inter TV channel presented its unique project a book-album 'People of Victory'.

Presentation of the album took place in Kyiv Cinema House. The most important guests of the day - heroes of the book - came almost at full strength. They were supported by front-line comrades, relatives and dear people. Specially for this day Inter's crew created a documentary film. Moreover channel's presenters Zhanna Tikhonova, Roman Kademin, Irina Yusupova, Mikhail Tishin and Valeriya Mikulska read poetry including poems written by veterans in the hall. 

'Thanks to the veterans we all live today', said the Head of Inter Media Group Anna Bezlyudna'If 70 years ago they hadn't won victory, we wouldn't have lived today. We have to remember this. Every person has a genetic memory, there are values ​​on which he grew up. This is what makes person an individual'.

'This book is priceless', said Vasiliy Gomon one of album's heroes. 'It is a tiny piece of heroism. Let all see that there have been such people. There were millions of them... I keep memory of my comrades. They were 16 or 17 years old, and they died... This book should be in every school, institute, in all libraries all over Ukraine. It should be available for all young people.'

The book 'People of Victory' consists of 216 pages of text and black and white pictures. But in fact it is a try to stop time and preserve a face of war and Great Victory generation. It is a try to look into the eyes of those who saved our country from fascism.

'On the album's pages are people we are proud of, our contemporaries we are lucky to know', said Inter's chief editor Anton Nikitin.'We should take care of these people, because the way we treat the elderly depends on how our children will live tomorrow.'

The book 'People of Victory' is not a single project. It is only a small part of channel's great work, aimed at preserving the memory of those who created our history, fought in the Great Patriotic War for us and our future.

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