Premiere! 'Time Travel' on Inter+

Premiere! 'Time Travel' on Inter+

2 November 2015 | 10:00

Saturday, November 7, 16.30 p.m. watch a premiere episode of Inter self-production show 'Time Travel'. It is historical TV stories about outstanding people as well as the most interesting and important moments in our history. Authors invite viewers to see how people lived hundred years ago. But to a great extent it is a story about us. It is a show in which we look for an answer on a question 'Why we are who we are today?'. We travel back a century to see our history and live one day the way our ancestors did. We look for things we've lost forever in our nowadays world and things which still are in our lives.

Each episode of 'Time Travel' is hosted by a new duo of Inter's presenters. They do not just talk about the important milestones of history, but also turn into people who lived in that period of time, try on their lifestyle and behavior, conduct interesting experiments and learn ancient jobs. Inter's hosts repeat the records of the Olympics 1913, which was held in Kiev, work the night shift as a paramedic ambulances, articulate silent movie, perform dances, which were popular in the beginning of the last century.      

'This show is dedicated to the memory of the past. Today many people live as they have no past,' said Head of Inter Media Group Anna Bezlyudna. 'We do not want to live this way, we want to remember. How people lived 100 years ago, as they were? Externally we seem to have remained the same, but the behavioral patterns have changed dramatically. Why? How? We are confident that some comparisons that viewers will see in this project, simply turn their minds'.

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